Software Development Services

Software Development Services

Do you need custom software that complies with the policies, procedures, or guidelines of your industry? Our developers can build your software according to the strictest regulations while maintaining the highest privacy and security standards. Our services include the complete software development lifecycle.

Custom Software Development:

At Inovotech, we are aware that creating client-oriented software takes a mixture of technical excellence and clear communication and our firm hires only the very best to ensure you receive both. We know that every client is unique and we strive to deliver an individual, innovative and affordable proposal every time and to follow it through with an outstanding delivery which is both on time and within budget.

Why choose us?

  • Expert team of software developers, with 10+ years of experience, working on all technologies.
  • Immediate communication, available 24/7 for avoiding delays in work and client satisfaction.
  • Quality work within budget.
  • Timely delivery with technical guarantee.
  • Post-delivery care provided by our experts.

We invite you to explore & experience how we do this in diverse segments through a multitude of smart technologies that is transforming & enriching small to large businesses.

We provide custom-made software according to your organizational needs and demands.

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR): which connects clinics/doctors to the payers, labs, hospitals and other stakeholders to deliver better care. It helps maintain a digital health record of the patients and provide e-subscriptions. We provide custom-made and cost effective EHRs which allow a patient’s health record to move with them to other health care providers, specialists, hospitals, nursing homes, and even across states.
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR): it contains the standard medical and clinical data gathered in one provider’s office.It is a digital version of a paper chart that contains all of a patient’s medical history from one practice. An EMR is mostly used by providers for diagnosis and treatment and the data is secured to that specific health practice only.
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM): We assist with document management, knowledge management, case management, intranet and Internet, scanning and archiving, workflow, invoice processing, and integration of digital documents in existing applications such as ERP and CRM.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM and Loyalty) systems: InovoTech’s team of experts allow you to acquire the capacity to align your business strategy with technology, optimize operations and make your organization easier to do business with.
  • Enterprise portals, also known as, Enterprise information portals(EIP).

Open-source Software Development:

Open-source software development is the process by which open-source software, or similar software whose source code is publicly available, is developed. Our team has experience developing, corporate sites, social networks, media sites, E-commerce portals and community sites. With over a decade of experience in IT industry, we understand the importance of innovation and creativity, especially when working on open source platforms.

  • Web Applications: We deliver web applications on Drupal, WordPress, Magento, PHP, ROR, Javascript, HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, JSON, Mysql etc.
  • Mobile Applications: Helping reach audience on their mobile devices we build apps with Android, PhoneGap, Titanium, Ionic, and other open source development platforms.

E-Commerce Website Development:

Electronic commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems.Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals who not only have vast cross industry experience on the latest technologies that leverage web 2.0, but also strive to offer innovative solutions and best of the breed practices on e-Commerce development, implementation, management and administration. InovoTechdelivers highly scalable, powerful, and agile next-generation e-Commerce solutions with increased efficiency and overall performance and reduces cost.

Healthcare & Organizational Software Development:

Our expert team of software developers, leaded by experienced managers, can build HIPAA compliant software to manage patient data, improve communications between physicians and patients or administrators, or to train and test your employees, according to your organizational needs. We are familiar with the FDA approval process and understand the special considerations required when building software that involves patient privacy.Our process for healthcare software development is built on industry best practices, experience and innovation -a combination that lets us deliver cutting-edge, elegant, functional, easy-to-use products again and again.Every project starts with us getting a deep understanding of your business needs, so we can closely collaborate with you to plan, design, develop and manage your powerful, streamlined enterprise solution or app.We excel at taking your ideas and turning them into perfect healthcare software solutions.

Educational System Software Development:

After qualitative experience, the development team at InovoTechunderstands the challenges of building a teaching or training software that aligns with your goals and effectively conveys the vital information you want to distribute. Let our engineers review your data, analyze it, and use it to build the best software or mobile (Android/iOS/Web) application for your end-users. We can integrate even the most robust digital libraries into custom-built adaptive teaching or training.