Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

With lean financial, operational and development processes, InovoTech has grown exponentially and has become a foundational partner for many seeking to harness the best-of-breed web, mobile & cyber security technology in their enterprise. Deciding to jump on the mobile app development bandwagon is not the challenge. The challenge is choosing the right programming language. The specialists at InovoTech guide and give you the most appropriate plan for your business idea/ project and develop custom-made, cost-effective, affordable and strongly-designed, explicit and complex mobile applications to fulfill your business needs and demands.

We’ve got all areas covered and have extensive experience in designing, developing and maintaining Android and iOS apps using the following technologies:

  • JS
  • Python,
  • Java,
  • PHP,
  • Swift,
  • C#,
  • Objective-C
  • C++
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • Ruby
  • Perl
  • Rust
  • SQL

Android App Development:

InovoTech’s Android app development service adheres to the best in class Android architectural standards, and complete understanding of comprehensive Android ecosystem helping us in building scalable and sustainable Android applications. Our team is backed by a strong workforce of experienced experts offering high-performance Android app development services to help you surge ahead of the competition. We provide robust and scalable Android based mobile applications that compliment your business requisites.

Our proficient and dynamic experts are well-equipped with latest development tools, platforms and industry standards to deliver client-centric mobile solutions. Our development experts are specialists and have extensive experience working with all Android platforms like:

  • Android Phone & tablets,
  • Android Wear
  • Android TV.

iOS Application Development:

We provide various services an iOS application development company is required to provide. Our services cater to the development of apps for E-commerce, Advertising, Education, Multimedia, Retail, Telecom, Banking, News, Weather, Hospitality, Healthcare and many more. We also specialize in Native, Hybrid, Titanium and PhoneGap apps. Your ideas are safe with InovoTech, we give complete guarantee of security and confidentiality. With our knowledge of ever-changing technology, tools and developing industry best practices, we design and implement sustainable iPhone and iPad app solutions.